My second attempt at a flickr slideshow

12 03 2009



2 03 2009

Originally social networks were new and exiting when first introduced and people spent hours trying to get used to them, before Facebook there wer many available which all did different things:
Myspace – could upload videos and music
Bebo – just the standard uploading of photos
Piczo – Little interaction but downloading many photos and pages

However when Facebook was introduced it provided all of these into one site including much more advanced applications. I think it is true that ‘social networks lose their value once it reaches a certain size.’ Although I do not think this will be the case with Facebook as it holds all the needed applications into one, apart from music upload. I don’t think this is the case because it takes a while for people to get used to using Facebook and as it is constantly being upgraded people need to keep learning about the new applications. Although the theory ‘social networks lose their value when they become a certain size’ is true, Facebook is not included because I think it has reached that certain size at some point but went beyond it and there are many more users than any other social network.

facebook user growth

This graph shows just how fast Facebook has grown

Social Networking

2 03 2009

I use the internet everyday without it I would be lost, I am not one of those computer wiz’s who spend a majority of their day doing computer games, blogging and the rest. I simply use the internet for, well Facebook and my Uni coursework, o I also use it to stream TV programmes and movies as I have no TV purely because i don’t want to pay for a license.

I think if you chose to hold personal information on the net then it’s your choice, we do this because we know everyone else does it so we think its safe, however out there are hackers. Hackers are those who find all your information and invade your privacy. Privacy on the internet can be misread sometimes, you can make your information private to those who know you or for company’s such as banks. I think if you wanted to make something private for only you to see then you would not put it on the internet.

A while ago I would have been shocked as to how much Facebook makes and how much it’s worth, but now after being a member for around about a year I can understand as people across the world are using it. For most members it is a social network for friends and keeping in touch, i know it is for me. However, now and then i receive friend requests off people in foreign countries, to these people it is not about keeping in touch but about finding new people, this is something I don’t understand.

Social networks like MySpace and Bebo used to be the be all and end all until Facebook hit the computer screens. This network has taken over and people must spend hours a day on it as there is so much going on and so many people on line at once. I do not think it’s an invasion of privacy people viewing your profile unless you do not know them.

I don’t find a problem with potential employers looking at my Facebook, however I do not believe it’s right if they use is against you as the information on Facebook is stuff done in spare time, as long as you have a working head on whilst at works.

Moving networks…
I think moving from one network to another takes time, there has to be a vast amount of people I know on the network already. People need to slowly get used to new networks and parting with the current one. Although now that Facebook is available I do not think there is need for any new networks to be invented or moved to as it would take too much time and effort to change over. Facebook has achieved the unbeatable in my eyes.

My first attemp at a webpage!

26 02 2009

Today I finally completed my web artifacts, even though I had attended the workshops to learn about using Dreamweaver, I still found it to be very complicated as it had been reading week therefore I had forgotten everything we had learned. I also found it difficult as I do not have the Dreamweaver software on my laptop therefore I could not practice with it in my spare time. However after using it for a couple of hours in todays workshop I got the hang of it and hopefully my website is acceptable as it is only a first attempt and hopefully I will improve.


26 02 2009

I understood what sousveillance was and how it worked after reading the articles, as I have studied observational research before and being involved in the activities whilst observing is just like sousveillance. However I could not quite grasp the concept of inverse surveillance even after reading the articles it still is not clear to me. Im not too sure as to what the difference is in sousveillance and inverse surveillance.

I have a couple of times considered my trail on networks such as the internet, however never been too worried as I am more concerned about being tracked on the internet instead of leaving a trail. I find it could be very easy to track me online and maybe find out personal details as I have so many accounts, all it takes is for one person to hack into that account and take over.
Iv never really been worried about being tracked in the real world as it would be much more harder as it is very rare I give out much information to the real world unless necessary, and even if I were to be tracked it wouldn’t worry me as all my information is confidential therefore the ones tracking me are more likely to be trustworthy.
The information i place online is not too personal, I have previously given out name and address, however this is only for trustworthy and security protected companies and websites.

An Ideal Weekend

28 01 2009

Stefan Sagmeister

12 01 2009

Whilst first in Hong Kong Stefan Sagmeister was offered a job, from what he had seen so far he hope he would enjoy life in Hong Kong, however he was wrong and didi not enjoy life in Hong Kong. Although, when he was there, a few things did make him happy and mainly associated with design. He came up with a designers theory that you are either happy designing, and being happy whilst consuming design.

He talked about three designs which make him happy, on was buy a young american who design signs for the mainl New York subways. The second is a room in which you can not see the horizon but simply just see how the sky is changing. the third design is of empty speech bubbles put on posters for other to write on them.

Stefan Sagmeister’s talk was very insightful and talked about how is you have a desire to do something, experiencing it as also a fulfilment.